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Specialising in above and below ground measurement for prediction and planning of track maintenance.

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Track Bed Condition Surveys
Ballast Volume, Drainage & Structures Clearance
Track Surface & Subsurface Imaging
Asset Mapping
Track Geometry & Rail Wearing Reporting
Integration of Data for Multiple Screen Viewing
Work Order & Maintenance Recommendations
Low Vibration Slab Track Systems

Railtrak Systems, together with Zetica Rail, are the leaders in a range of above and below ground measurement systems that will save your organisation time and money; including Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for trackbed condition, track geometry, rail profiling, asset mapping, surface imaging and more.

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Our exceptional service will improve your planning processes through:

Survey and Data collection

Choose from a list of our RASC© inspection systems (link to page) to survey for ballast fouling levels, ballast thickness, wet beds, formation failures, structure and tunnel clearances, ballast volume, track geometry, rail profiling, asset mapping


Data Management and analysis

We provide a customisable data collection and management system; available in PDF and Line charts etc or integrated with your primary data management system.


Maintenance recommendations

GPR metrics can be uniquely combined with track geometry to create a series of rules to determine the most appropriate maintenance technique to apply to each section of track. Maintenance methods which may be considered include ballast screening, tamping, shoulder cleaning, etc.